Upcoming Anthologies

What Dwells Below

For this anthology, we're going urban! We asked the authors to spin us a tale of horror describing what lurks below in the city sewers. All sorts of creatures, both real and imagined are included. Beasts who may wish to do those who live in the sunlight harm; who covet the ability to exist in the brightness above; or who simply fight for domain of their own patch in the darkness!

The fantastically dark stories in this book focus on tales of true beastly horror.

The next time you walk over a grate in a city sidewalk, or pass a manhole cover letf slightly ajar, shouldn't you be terrified of what might be below?

(This anthology is closed and awaiting publication)


First Hand Accounts

What does horror look like through the eyes of the witness?

For this anthology, we asked for stories of first hand accounts of horrific acts, unimaginable horrors, and terrifying moments. We welcomed the authors to take us into their worst nightmares and make us feel their fear, their pain, their frustration; and to show us what it looks like through their own eyes. The setting was thiers to choose provided they left us a much uglier world to exist in!

Tales for this anthology are written in the first person perspective only - we wanted this one to feel personal.

(This anthology is closed and awaiting publication)


Mental Ward: Stories from the Asylum Vol. 2

Sanatoriums, mental wards, psychiatric hospitals - they’re all the same. Places where the infirm, the crazy, and the certifiable go for treatment... Or what passes for ‘treatment’.

We asked the authors selected for this collection to tell us stories of the bedlam that takes place within the walls of a so-called institution of wellness and healing. We asked for stories of experiments gone awry, patients revolting against the staff, or tales from the perspective of those charged with offering care. We asked for atrocities; the sort of stories that should never reach the light of day. Are you brave enough to see what their minds conjured up... Or are you afraid you’ll be locked up for peeking?

(This anthology is closed and awaiting publication)

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