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Issue #15 - Crypto!

Featuring 85 pages of short stories, flash fiction, poetry, and artwork dedicated to creatures unknown! An interview with artist Michael Locascio, owner of Dellamorte Co.; and Ken MacGregor, author of 'An Aberrant Mind'

Issue #14 - Old-School Horror

Featuring 109 pages of Short Stories, Flash Fiction, and Poetry. An interview with author Daniel Durrant. Photography by Tanja Jurkovic. Plus the 3 winning Flash pieces from our contest!

Issue #13 - The Second Annual
Women in Horror Recognition Month Issue!

Featuring 168 pages of Short Stories, Flash Fiction, Poetry & Photography by Women in Horror. Feature interview by Angie Gallow, author of The Coven.


Our Latest Novel & Novella Releases:

The Undying Love
Author: Greg McCable
Genre: Zombie Apocalypse

Author: Aiden Truss
Genre: Horror

Sometimes in Dreams
Author: G.L. Helm
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Our Latest Anthology Releases:

Mental Ward:
Echoes of the Past
Author: Multiple
Genre: Horror/Haunting

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Author: Multiple
Genre: Romance/Erotic

Mental Ward:
Stories from the Asylum
Author: Multiple
Genre: Horror/Psychological


A NEW Genre from Sirens Call Publications:
YA/Middle Grade Reading

Kin Ship
Moustache on the Moon, part one
Author: d.k. snape
Genre: Youth/Fantasy/SciFi


Sirens Call Publications is currently accepting submissions for:


Mental Ward: Experiments

The elevator doors open, the lights are flickering, the gurney is wheeled into a dank, dimly-lit hallway well below ground. Does the Doctor have the patient's best interests at heart, or is something more nefarious going on? How does the staff figure out what treatments are most effective and which are not?

In our other two Mental Ward collections, we asked you to tell us what happened above ground in the institute itself; what memories of the past were trapped in the abandoned hallways; now we're asking you to tell us what goes on behind closed doors. The secret experiments that are feared and whispered about among the patients. Tell us what greed, the corruption of power, and the desire to be remembered will drive a Doctor to do the unthinkable to the unfortunate patients left in their care.

Tell your tale from whoever's perspective you'd like, just make sure the story you tell is a depraved one.

Note: This is a reopened anthology. Your story must contain the following three elements to be considered:

  • Your story must take place in a Mental Asylum or Institution.
  • Your story must involve individuals from the Asylum: doctors, nurses, patients, etc.
  • Your story must contain what would be considered an unsanctioned experiment that is physically performed.

  • Submission Deadline: November 30, 2014

    Word Count: minimum 4,000 words - nothing less will be reviewed; maximum: 8,000 words - nothing more will be reviewed.

    No reprints will be considered.

    Submission Guidelines >>>


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